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Hot Section Parts

  • CT Vane Rings
  • CT Disks
  • CT Blades
  • CT Shroud Housings
  • Small Exit Ducts
  • Large Exit Ducts
  • Combustion Liners
  • Bearing Covers
  • PT Stators
  • PT Shroud Housings
  • PT Blades
  • PT Disks
  • T5 Bus Bars
  • T5 Harnesses
  • T5 Trim Sticks
  • T5 Thermocouples
  • Hot Section Tooling

Whether you require an exchange Hot Section kit, spare Hot Section Kit or individual Hot Section parts, International Aircraft Support has the resources to fulfill your requirements.

Let our experienced staff custom design your Hot Section parts requirements to meet your individual needs.

All Hot Section parts are available outright or exchange.



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